Willie Earl Robinson American, b. 1950

To quote Mr. Robinson: “Gifted and endowed by God, coupled with hard work, brought me to where I am as an artist.  Art illuminates my world.  My artistic vision is to create images that reveal the beauty within and beyond myself.  What I feel, see, and hear, somehow come together in a multidimensional way.  I love the creative ability that God has given me, and I give Him all the glory.  I feel most alive when I paint.  All of my senses are engaged, and I respond to, and I feel moved by, and into something larger than myself.  I received no academic training in art, therefore I take the creative approach exclusively, which results in a vital individualistic style of expression.”


Recently a movie character was inspired by Mr. Robinson and his art in Christine Swanson’s romantic drama, All About Us, with Boris Kodjoe, Academy Award nominee Ruby Dee and Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, a proud collector of Mr. Robinson’s art.