Home: Wherever the Soul Connects: A Father/Daughter Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, and Prints

25 September 2021 - 1 January 2022

Hearne Fine Art is proud to present Home: Wherever the Soul Connects, a father-daughter exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints from artists Crawford and Louise Mandumbwa.  This showing uniquely offers a debut of the dialogue between two different generations, exploring themes of the human condition and migration and depicts subjects local to Arkansas, Nigeria, Botswana and Zambia. 

The through line between these two artists, both working through the medium of portraiture in this exhibit, is their intentional framing of “everyday people” as their subjects, pulling from family, friends and colleagues to reflect a world view shared across two different continents. With both of their practices rooted in the narratives of the people around them, these works explore the places and people we call home. Positing that rather than a singular place on a map, home can instead be found in both the familiar and unfamiliar, and can be found in the intangible, fleeting and sensory. Home can be found wherever the soul connects and to that end the portraits in this show share some of the people that represent home for both artists.


Virtual artists' talks begin at 3:00 PM CST
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10 - Louise and Crawford - Watch HERE
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7 - Louise - Watch HERE