Wade Hampton American, b. 1975

Birthed within the state-of-mind forged by Native Americans, civil war battles, blues and folk music, diamonds, and nine students that corner stoned the spirit of the civil rights movement, Wade Hampton was provisioned with an inspiration that would lay claim to a unique journey of artistic declaration. The history of such deep-seated culture broadened Wade’s view to continue further learning and honing skills in the company of a myriad of regions. That which gave way to the lifestyle of dazzling skyscrapers, historic monuments, an unlimited culture within the urban jungle, and the forever title of ‘NYer’. This ‘gateway to the world’ is where Wade crystalized his artistic talents on the canvas. Leading to an artisan’s approach towards an already fascinated and continuing in-depth study of dance. The world-class museums, art galleries, highly-regarded dance and visual art institutions, catapulted what was already a burgeoning mind of creation and artistry. Through this culture, Wade was introduced to the dance training, rehearsal and performance world of the NYC Caribbean, Latin, and African dance communities. As well, Wade participated in a profusion of visual art exhibitions throughout the metro area, towards the South and back to the Northeast. This experience and growth ushered Wade towards a new market within the West Coast, recognition within the Delta region, the Southwest art, dance and theatre clientele, the Latin, Caribbean, and African performance and social dance communities, and back and fourth throughout the Northeast. Along the way, developing a global network of visual art and dance performance possibilities, laying a path for numerous new chapters. Always in concept, always moving forward, Wade continues to evolve and 'Live' the journey.