Anyta was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey. Her first connection with art was at the age of three. She taught herself to draw from alphabet flash cards which she still has today. Through art forms such as dance, poetry, and the performing arts like playing the trumpet, Thomas’ journey has led her to find her voice in the visual arts. She has entrenched herself in the art form of sculpture. Thomas’ choice of medium is a very unique and challenging form of sculpting: aluminum mesh wire sculpture.

Thomas best describes her process; “My use of this medium introduces change and opens eyes to possibilities. My work crosses the barriers of race, class, gender and socio-economics. It is inspired by self discovery and my experiences. My sculpture actively uses both sides of the brain, which stimulates my passion for this choice of medium. It is a mathematical equation composed of light, space, composition, beauty, simplicity, dimension and volume.” These factors are readily evident when you experience Anyta Thomas’ work. It is both the created sculpture by this artist, as well as the masterful shadows created behind the sculpture. Her fascination with mathematics and physics allow the shadows to take on lives of their own.

Thomas is passionate about her mission which she states is “to inspire the admirers and critics alike to open their minds to an untapped world of out of body, soul touching creativity, through three dimensional art that absorbs the human experience.” Through her vibrant aluminum wire mesh sculpture, Thomas more than achieves that goal.